Spirit of the Bush Panel (Mother Bee – Martu Ulhu)


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Spirit of the Bush Panel

“Mother Bee – Martu Ulhu”

by Chern’ee Sutton

for Kennard & Kennard


Panel # 1387

Style # 0167D

Panel Dimensions: 45cm x 110cm (Approximately)


Chern’ee is an award winning, modern indigenous artist from the Kalkadoon people around the Mount Isa area in Queensland.

“In Kalkadoon country the song of ‘The Spirit of the Bush’ can be heard, it is the thread that binds all things together. It can be heard as a whisper sung across the landscape, it can be heard blowing through the tree’s and it can be seen skipping invisibly across the billabongs and rivers forming little ripples.”


100% Cotton

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Weight 110 g
Dimensions 24 × 16 × 1.00 cm


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