Matilda’s Own 90 Degree Triangle Set


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Matilda’s Own 90o Triangle Set



The 90o Triangle Set contains 6 pieces; from 2?” to 5″ in ?” increments

There is a 2?” triangle, a 3″ triangle, a 3?” triangle, a 4″ triangle, a 4?” triangle and a 5″ triangle. 



– Translucent fibre optic plastic allows you to clearly view and cut the underlying fabric to a high degree of accuracy

– Fluorescent nature allows you to work productively in areas of low light

– The markings are digitally etched into the ruler to a 1/1200th of an inch accuracy

– Laser engraved

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Weight 220.00 g
Dimensions 21.00 × 16.00 × 2.50 cm


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