Fussy Cutting Viewers (Collection 2)


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Fussy Cutting Viewers

by Sharon Burgess

of Lilabelle Lane Creations


Collection 2


Since releasing the first collection of Fussy Cutting Viewers, Sharon has added a second collection with the most asked for shapes, including the Indulgence Petal to complement her Indulgence Quilt.


The Fussy Cutting Viewers pack includes 10 Fussy Cutting viewers printed on cardboard.

• 2” 8 Point Star
• 1” 8 Point Star
• 1” Lucy Boston Elongated Hexagon
• 1″ Lucy Boston Elongated Hexagon (Round two)
• Octagonal Kite for a 2” Octagon
• Hextagonal Kite for a 2” Hexagon
• 2” Equilateral Triangle for a 2” Hexagon
• 3” Equilateral Triangle for a 3” Hexagon
• 2” Icosceles Triangle for a 2” Octagon
• Indulgence Petal (Pattern by Lilabelle Lane Creations)


Fussy Cutting mirror sold separately

Additional information

Weight 90 g
Dimensions 16 × 22 × 0.50 cm


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