Embroidery / Redwork Needles (Size 10)


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Jeana Kimball’s Foxglove Cottage

Embroidery / Redwork Needles


Size 10


Embroidery/Redwork needles are specialized to meet the varied needs of decorative stitching. The eye of Embroidery needles is customized for easy threading of thick and/or multiple ply threads. Two or three strands of Embroidery thread, flattened between the fingers fingers, fit easily through the elongated eye.

The Size 10 Embroidery/Redwork needle is ideal for fine embroidery work.

It is a little longer than the Size 11. The needle’s shank is not too thick, yet the eye is large enough to accommodate three strands of embroidery thread. It is the favoured size for Redwork embroidery.


16 needles per pack

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Weight 7 g
Dimensions 1.5 × 8 × 1.5 cm


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